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As a British Judo Association club we use the BJA grading system to to provide a grading pathway for our members.

Judoka will be invited to club gradings when their coaches decide that they are ready for promotion and will typically be encouraged to grade every 4 to 6 months; This decision is based on attendance, training attitude, improvements in randori and results in contest.  

​During the grading examination they will be required to pass both a technical ability and a theory knowledge test.

Please remember to bring your BJA record book to club gradings and ensure that your BJA membership is kept in date.

​Club gradings are charged at the following rates:

  • U8 Sho gradings £5 (belt included)
  • Mon gradings, £15 (belt not included)
  • Kyu gradings, £20 (belt not included)

Additional resource material can be found on the British Judo Association website at the following page: Grading Resources – British Judo