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Club Welfare Officer

Are you feeling okay? You can always speak out. We are here to safeguard you!

Maria Lambert:
Maria brings a wealth of experience and a genuine passion for ensuring the safety, well-being, and happiness of all our club members. Her commitment to maintaining a positive and inclusive environment aligns perfectly with our club’s values.
Contacting Maria can be done Face to face on club evenings or using the following email address:
Club Welfare Officers

Our Club Welfare Officers play a pivotal role in advising the committee on their approach to safeguarding children and young people within the club. They ensure that the club’s practices are regularly monitored and reviewed to maintain a safe environment for all. This role requires a high level of responsibility and commitment to child protection.
Key Duties Include:

  • Safeguarding: Assisting the club in fulfilling its obligations to safeguard children and young people at the club level.
  • Guidance: Expecting guidance and support from the British Judo Association Child Protection Working Party.
  • Training and Resources: Accessing appropriate training and resources provided by BJA to effectively fulfill the role.
  • Child Protection Plan: Assisting in the implementation of the club’s child protection plan.
  • First Point of Contact: Serving as the initial contact for staff, volunteers, parents, and children/young people when concerns arise regarding children’s welfare, poor practice, or child abuse.
  • Compliance: Ensuring strict adherence to the British Judo Association’s policies and procedures, especially regarding reporting.
  • Prompt Action: Promptly assessing information, seeking clarification, and obtaining additional information as needed. Consulting with statutory child protection agencies when doubts or uncertainties arise.
  • Formal Referral: Making formal referrals to statutory child protection agencies such as social services or the police without delay, recognizing that the determination of abuse is the responsibility of these agencies.
  • Reporting to BJA: Reporting concerns to the British Judo Association Lead Child Protection Officer.
  • National Contact: Acting as the first point of contact with the National Lead Child Protection Officer.
  • Maintaining Contacts: Keeping contact details for local Social Services, Police, and Area Child Protection Committee policies/procedures. Publicizing local/national helpline information within the club.
  • Promoting Best Practices: Promoting the club’s best practice guidance and code of conduct, potentially working with children/young people and parents to shape the club’s behavior expectations and anti-bullying policies.
  • Training Oversight: Ensuring that all club members are aware of available training and working closely with the club management committee to meet training requirements.
  • Confidentiality: Ensuring strict confidentiality in line with the club’s management committee.
  • Anti-Discrimination: Promoting anti-discriminatory practice and ensuring the club’s commitment to this principle is clear in its policies, procedures, and plans for safeguarding children and young people’s welfare.

For any concerns or inquiries related to this role, please contact us at:Email:
Confidentiality will be rigorously maintained. Your child’s safety is our top priority.